Liberty Hi-Railers Membership

  • We meet 3 to 4 times a year at train shows (no clubhouse).
  • There are no dues for membership.
  • Members build and maintain their own modules.
  • Members bring their modules to shows and help set up the layout.
  • During shows members operate their own trains on the layout.
  • Trains and Scenery are Hi-Rail O Gauge.
  • There are no club meetings outside of the shows, but occasionally we have an informal social meet at a members basement layout.

Da' Rules: (There's just 2!)

1) We are here to have fun :-)

2) New members should attend 2 shows where they help setup, tear down and get to run trains.  If all members agree, the new member is invited to be a regular member and asked to build a module of their own design wishes.

If you are interested in joining the Liberty Hi-Railers, send a note to .

Active Members

Special Interests & Pet Projects

Andy Brauer

Mad designer of curved modules.

Bill Bourne

Electrical genius!

John Sherwood

New icing station module (Also a member of Lehigh Valley Hi-Railers)

Founding Member - Long trains, Videography

Don Lloyd

Founding Member - "Gee Bill, I've never been to York before..."

Dave Fortney

Founding Member - Big Steam, UP, PRR

Joe Hohmann

Founding Member - Drive-ins

Founding Member - Automated Operation, Steam Engines, Trolleys, Photography, Web Sites

Simon Tsang

Founding Member - Amtrak

Vernon Vercoe

Founding Member - Real passenger equipment

Ed Kruse

New Guy!

Club member information for the coming train shows.

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