Show Selection Process (Proposed)

Here is the proposed process for show selection.

21 Weeks Before the Show Or Earlier - Initial Commitment

A proposed show will be entered on the web site by any one of the members.  The location, dates, setup hours, operation hours, and teardown hours of the show will be entered and also the application deadline date by which we the club needs to apply for the show.   At the time of entering a proposed show, members shall not communicate or commit to the show/event nor express any intention to the show/event that we may wish to participate.

The web site will email each member and alert them that a new show has been proposed by another member.  Each member will have from the time of the notice until 19 weeks before the show/event application deadline date to indicate if they intend to participate in the show.

Each member is responsible for indicating if they intend to participate in the show by going to the web site and recording the information about their intended participation.  The information will include the number and type of modules they intend to bring and which days and hours of the show they intend to participate.

The web site shall assume that each member is not participating until they indicate that they are.  Members will be free to change their participation selection on the web site for a particular show up until 19 weeks before the event.

19 Weeks Before The Show - Optional Request for Additional Participants

At this time the total participation commitment of members will be reviewed.  The following commitment levels are needed to successfully display at a show as a club.

  • Sufficient manpower coverage (a minimum of six members for all setup, presentation, and teardown hours.) 
  • Sufficient modules for a layout no smaller than 120 linear feet (or 30 four foot modules) 
  • Sufficient number of corners (360 degrees)
  • Sufficient power supply
  • Sufficient curtains, poles and stanchions

Having a minimum of 6 members ensures that we can present 3 trains at all times on the 3 tracks.  With 3 members running trains during a given 1 hour slot, we have another 3 members ready to stage another 3 trains for the following 1 hour slot.  All six members would be present for the change over from about 10 minutes before the hour to 10 minutes after the hour, then the 3 members not running could take a break for 40 minutes until the next changeover at 10 minutes before the next hour.

Having a minimum of 30 modules translates to an average of 5 modules per member in the minimal 6 member setup.  This allows for timely setup and teardown as well as a distribution of the modules allowing for different members to not be present at a given show if needed.   A 120 linear foot (30 module layout) would be 12 ft x 56 ft or 24 ft x 40 feet, depending on the shape needed.

If sufficient resources are committed and the club feels we do not need additional modules or people to man the layout, then we skip to the 17 weeks before step below.

If the club has insufficient resources to staff the show or simply desires to have more participants, then the club may solicit other friends to participate as outlined below

With prior membership approval the site shall also extend participation invitation emails to guest members (eg member of neighboring clubs with whom our club have good relationships.)  Guest members shall require approval just once and continue receive initiations automatically.  A guest member may be removed by the members if desired.

Guest members would be given about 2 weeks to respond to the invitation.

17 Weeks Before the Show - Final Go or No Go Decision

If the club along with guests has not committed to the minimums described above by this time, then the proposed show/event will be abandoned All members and guest members shall be notified via email.  No application or notice of intention to participate will have been communicated to the show/event organizers.

If the club along with guests has a minimal or greater level of commitment of resources for the show/event, then the club shall develop a track plan for the event based upon the committed resources.  The track plan shall be sent out to the members for comment.

In the event that we have too many participants after soliciting for guests, then the following precedence shall be used for deciding which members and guests will get to participate:

1) Members with Modules

2) Guests with Modules (first come first served order)

3) Members without Modules (seniority order)

This should seldom be an issue as all members have committed to build modules as part of membership.

Also at this time a run schedule shall be created.  The club members shall be randomly ordered and run time slots shall be allocated based on that order.  If a member has indicated that they are not available for a particular run time slot then the next available member will be filled in that slot and the unavailable member shall forfeit that slot.

15 Weeks Before the Show - Apply to the Show

The club will submit an application to the show/event based upon the track plan. 

At this time the club is committing to the show or event to participate in the event and also the amount of floor space that the club intends to utilize.  It is important to utilize the amount of space requested because shows like Greenberg's must pay rent for that space and Events at the Railroad museum pay for insurance riders based on the amount of modules/gear we bring.

13 Weeks Before the Show - Show Deadline

This is the time that shows ask for all exhibitors to have submitted applications.  Our club will have submitted the application 2 weeks early.  Greenberg's requests exhibitor applications for show at least 3 months before the show.  The Railroad Museum requests applications for events at least 2 months in advance.

Approximately 3 weeks Before the  Show

If confirmed by the show/event the club shall notify the members and display that date on the homepage of the web site.

If canceled or rejected by the show/event then the club shall notify all members and we simply don't do the show. 

0 Weeks - The Show!


Show Packing List

  • Modules
  • 4 Legs per Module
  • 1 C-Clamp or Quick-Clamp Per Module
  • Toolbox including 1 Pair needle nose pliers (and any other tools you might want as well)
  • CAB-1 and/or Legacy Remote if you have one
  • DCS Remote if you have one
  • Trains! Bring at least two engines.
  • Track Pins
  • Curtains
  • Ropes
  • Stanchions
  • Sense of Fun!


Club Roles

Show Coordinator:

1) Review upcoming shows and select shows which are good candidates for our group

2) Invite all club members 21 weeks before the candidate show date, communicate details of the show at that time to members.

3) Track members responses to the invitation including how many modules and which days the club members will commit to attend.

4) Determine if we have enough commitment (people and modules) to do a show. Communicate results to group.

If its a go:

5) Send in paperwork to show

6) Receive confirmation from show, communicate confirmation (or rejection) by show to group.

7) Send periodic reminders to group as show approaches.


1) Updates web site after each show with pictures and video

2) Updates calendar of events when Show Coordinator indicates a show is a commitment.


Retains any excess honoraria from shows for club investment in equipment.


  1. Coordinates run time schedule slots at shows. 
  2. Ensures members get sufficient run time.
  3. Ensures that at least 3 trains are running at all times.  (All three mains active)




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