December 10 and 11, 2005
Greenberg's Train Show, Fort Washington Expo


  • We were on the local TV news!  Channel 6 ran a nice little bit of footage of the layout Saturday night.

  • Very well attended train show. A crowd fully surrounded the layout almost continuously.  Folks were parking far away in the uppermost parking levels.

  • Carl's Third Rail Reading RDCs were superlative.

  • John Sherwood brought his two modules.

  • Andy Brauer rolled out some nice steam include the J1A.

  • Carl's new East Coast Depot module debuted.

  • Photos were taken and added to the web site.

  • Video was taken and added to the web site.


  • The passenger line saw the New Haven EP5, Reading GS1, PRR GG-1, Reading RDCs, PRR S-2, and PRR L-5! The inside line had some passenger runs as well with a PRR E-6 Atlantic and NYC S-2 electric

  • The center line had a long train of very nicely weathered flats and gondolas. They were pulled by a Y-3, J1A, K-4, and WM SD45s.

  • The inside freight was coal and hoppers.

  • Finally the trolley livery varied between a mix of 3 SF PCC's and 3 gold Septa PCCs alternating with an MTA subway train.

The Layout

  • The layout was 24' x 60' at this show. We were allocated an extra large space.

  • Carl brought 8 yard modules, 2 bridge modules, 3 engine yard modules, 6 sceniced straight modules  and 8 wide corner modules.

  • Bill brought 8 trolley modules, 1 straight module.

  • John brought 2 straight modules.

  • It snowed Friday morning. Carl and Karen arrived at 12 noon on Friday, Bill arrived at 12:30 PM with a new dolly for the 8 trolley modules. Andy arrived about 1 and John, Maryann and Devon arrived around 2:30 after slugging it out with over 1 foot of snow! Setup was more or less complete by 7:00 with trains running.

  • John, Carl, Simon and Tommy joined us on Sunday.  The show closed at 4:00 PM. Breakdown was complete by about 7:00 PM

  • TMCC Signal operation was flawless.

  • Power distribution worked well.

  • The show was in the B hall.










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