February 12 and 13, 2005
Greenberg's Train Show, Ft Washington Expo Center


  • It was the most crowded Greenberg's show we could recall in 8 years! 
  • We were on Channel 6 ABC news Sunday morning!!! They came on Saturday and took some footage of me running my new K-Line B&O capitol limited train and the other layouts. It turns out they did air it and used the footage of my train!
  • We had at least a dozen folks viewing the layout constantly from 10:00AM until 3:30 PM on Saturday and again from about 11:00AM to 3:00PM on Sunday.
  • We got to run the pre-production model of the new Lionel N&W J. Very nice! 
  • Photos were taken and added to the site.


  • We fielded lots of questions from the crowd.
  • At various times four and even five trains were running at once as Carl and Bill ran 2 passenger consists on the same track
  • The switching modules saw a lot of use as various trains pulled out of the yard and switched on to the center main. Many onlookers found this sort of operation very interesting.
  • Tommy took Bill's Lionel NYC Mogul out for an inaugural spin.

The Layout

  • The layout was 24' x 48' at this show. The front was Bill's 8 trolley modules plus the bridge.  The back was Carl's 8 yard modules plus the other bridge.  Carl and Dave's wide turns made up the corners. Carl's 3 switching modules made the left end and the Carl's Oil, wrong side of the tracks and Tommy's train station made up the other end.
  • The 8 trolley modules were bolted into 4 pairs, 8 foot long each. This significantly reduced trolley module set up time. 
  • Carl installed 2 thick pins on one end of yard module and mating holes on the next yard module. This had three advantages.
    1. The modules were much easier to connect.
    2. Only two legs per module were needed.
    3. Set up time was notably reduced.
  • Setup was Carl, Karen and Bill. We got into the show early about 12:15. We had everything up and running by 6:20.   
  • On Saturday morning all that had to be done was put the trains on the tracks. 
  • Power distribution and TMCC signal worked flawlessly the entire show. 
  • The show was in the B Hall
  • Teardown took about 3 hours.










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