June 3 and 4, 2006
Heritage Weekend, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania


  • A huge layout measuring in at 96 feet long!

  • Don Lloyd displayed his new Airport modules.

  • Carl Person debuted his new Audrey's Antiques module.

  • John Devlin and Mike Taylor brought new Circus modules.

  • Simon Tsang brought new car lot modules.

  • Doug Plasterer visited with the group and brought a really nice S-Turn module pair among others.

  • Photos were taken and added to the web site.

  • Video was taken and added to the web site.

The Layout

  • The layout was 12' x 98' at this show. We were allocated an extra large space.

  • Carl Person brought 8 yard modules, 2 bridge modules, 3 engine yard modules, 6 sceniced straight modules  and 8 wide corner modules.

  • Bill Parkinson brought 8 trolley modules, 1 straight module and 1 under construction S-Station module.

  • John Devlin and Mike Taylor brought 2 straight 6 foot circus modules.

  • Don Lloyd brought 2 Airport modules.

  • Simon Tsang brought 2 car lot modules.

  • Doug Plasterer brought 2 rural and 2 s-curve modules.

Heritage Weekend

  • The team arrived around 7:30AM on Friday to commence setup. The original plan called for us being closer to the trains than was practical for setup purposes. We adjusted forward and still had plenty of room for aisle clearance in front.

  • We ran DCS for a brief while on Friday but received a lot of Dirty track messages. This is likely due to the fact that the yard uses toggle switches. In the future we might try on track 2 which has no toggles and also try some blocks and light bulbs.
  • TMCC Signal operation was flawless.

  • Power distribution worked well.










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